Reviews – What our clients have to say!

Reviews - What our clients have to say!

It is so nice to get valuable feedback from our clients. We really think it’s important for us as a business to build our services and another value add for prospective clients to read through.

(We also respect that some of our clients like to remain private, therefore their feedback will be kept as such).

Here is what our clients are saying:

I immediately liked Mel’s energy and personality. I found Mel to be supportive, caring, and sensitive. Mel made the decluttering and organising process very enjoyable. She’s good at her job and has a good sense of humour. Highly recommend.

Mrs L Buckland, March 2020.

If you have shopaholic or hoarder tendencies like me, I can’t even begin to recommend Mel enough! She came over to help me with a wardrobe declutter, something that I would usually find completely overwhelming and really stressful but we went through every single item of clothing I own and I have to say, it was actually a pleasure! Everything now actually has an orderly home! And charity shops have now been restocked for months to come! 🙈😂 I can’t stop looking at all of the new found space. To say I am pleased is an understatement! And I am already looking forward to decluttering with Mel round two. Mel, you are my hero! Thank you!!!

Sarah Heath, January 2020.

Mel is an epic organiser. Highly recommended! Anyone with a busy life or business can do with a Mel!

Gareth Wright, Managing & Creative Director. November 2019.

Mel is an absolute godsend… she recently helped me declutter my house and organise my packing ahead of our impending house move. She was incredible and so friendly. I would highly recommend her services.

Mrs R O’Flaherty, November 2019.

Reviews – What our clients have to say!

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