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Here is where we achieve wellness in the home by decluttering & organising.

And sneak a look at this article on How Cleaning and Organising Can Improve Your Physical and Mental Health at Shape.com and think about enjoying your journey to your perfect space.

(It’s always great to show off photos of projects, however, we respect that some clients want complete privacy. Only approved, unlinked photos will be shown here. Be assured that clients who have signed NDA’s will not have any photos or references on our website).

Here are just a few of our projects:

Wardrobe project – Decluttering & Organising.

One technique is to collect all of your clothes & put them into one place. By doing this you can see a true reflection of what you have. Then we go through each item of clothing and decide if you want to keep, sell, gift or donate.

Wardrobe project – Declutter (with cute doggie)

Another wardrobe project. We were unable to put the clothes into one space as there were quite a few, so we put everything on the bed that was to be kept and had other zones to put donations, and what to sell, etc.

Draw project – Folding and organising.

With baskets to separate bottoms, tops & jumpers. It’s neat, space saving & visually easy to see items when put away. Also easily removable without disturbing other items

Clothes folded and organised in draw

Here are some helpful decluttering tips.

Decluttering Tips

The Linen cupboard – Organise.

This was a small linen cupboard. Space was an important factor here & knowing where each set of linen lived so we got labeling.

Children’s play corner – Decluttered and re-designed.

Here is where we decluttered and re-designed a young children’s at-home play corner. The objective was to achieve an older space for the children, we so came up with their own ‘coffee area’. (The children loved it so much they could not wait to get in before we could take the ‘perfect’ after photo).

Here are some more helpful instant decluttering tips!

Sometimes less is more

Shopping for clients with our assistant (work-life balance)

Shopping for storage

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