Creating wellness by decluttering & organising.

Where there’s space that needs attention, we are here to help.

Did you know clutter is known to cause stress, anxiety, and can have an impact on our health and wellbeing? There is an interesting article by Wellbeing NEWS on How clutter can impact on your health as well as your home‘.

We work with you to optimise the space that you have to make it functionally beautiful and organised to fit in with your lifestyle.


Melissa is the chief at BOSSINIT! Spending 24 years in the corporate world as a project and relocation manager. Organising & time management was a vital skill to have in these roles.

By also living & traveling abroad, she learned to live with less and implement clever systems to use.

Now back in the UK and with a young family in tow. Putting her decluttering & organising skills to use in a home setting has proved vital for a fluid & functional flow.

She truly believes that living with less clutter and having a place for everything, has a positive effect on all of our mental and physical health.

Who do we work with?

‘It’s not just about looking amazing, it’s about feeling amazing too’

We work with busy professionals who just do not have the time to create & organise their space. Are you working at home more lately?

Are you an Interior designer, a school or other business requiring organisational support for large & time-critical projects?

Hello families! We understand that families with children no matter what age can be hectic. Especially at home. We can come in to help you sort through & organise playrooms, wardrobes & nurseries to make them a nicer, calmer & more functional space.

We work with everyone!

Individuals, the elderly, people who have suffered an injury & need some extra support, to make their living or working space a more pleasant place to be. Not only to look amazing but also to feel amazing when you are there.

Creating wellness by decluttering and organising is our passion.